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SurfKoat's Reactive protection for new or old decorative concrete.

Deco Guard is recommended for use on ALL

New or Existing Pool Decks, Stamped Concrete, Stenciled Concrete, Acid Stained Concrete and MORE.


Deco Guard stands true as possibly the best concrete coating product available on the market when it comes to winter protection. With winter comes freezing and thawing and the horrible damage from deicing salts. Freezing water is the number one problem with concrete, when water enters a slab and doesn't have enough time to drain or evaporate out before a freeze you are going to get cracks in your concrete. It doesn't matter if it's a sidewalk, patio, driveway or pool deck when water starts getting in and freezing it could be just a matter of a few winters before your concrete is ruined. Keeping water out and salt off the concrete are the keys to protecting it, with it's chemical reactive hybrid formulation deco guard penetrates and protects better than other concrete sealers while still providing the satin, low gloss and high gloss looks of conventional decorative sealers with double and triple the protection. The hybrid formulation balances water repelling properties with film forming decorative sealer attributes to make the best protecting decorative concrete sealer you can find. Available in Deco Guard WB (Satin Sheen)  Deco Guard (Low Sheen) & Deco Guard Plus (High Gloss).

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Why you need to seal your concrete and the best sealer for the job.

When is the most dangerous time for your concrete? It's Winter time. Whether it's the freeze/thaw cycle or the threat of extra salt working it's way into your concrete to damage the surface, your concrete is especially susceptible to damage during the wet winter months. To avoid most of those seasonal perils and best protect your concrete surfaces, especially those located outside all year long, you should use a concrete sealer specially formulated to make sure there is no long term or even short term damage suffered during the winter. De-icing chemicals, salt and standing water can make freeze/thaw cycles even worse. The freeze/thaw cycle is far more dangerous for your concrete than exposure to salt but large amounts of salt seeping into your pool deck, driveway or sidewalk are no good for your concrete, and will likely lead to future damage even with mild freeze/thaw cycles. Freeze thaw damage happens when water gets into the concrete slab during the during the year, spring, summer, fall and winter. The water enters the concrete through the surface (pores, natural to all concrete whether it's a pool deck, patio, sidewalk or driveway), before passing through the entire slabs larger pores and hairline channels that extend throughout it. Once inside the concrete, the water may not drain or evaporate quickly enough. It will likely sit within the concrete through the fall and winter, when it will freeze. When it freezes outside the water trapped inside the concrete expands, and the odds the concrete will crack to accommodate the larger amount of space taken up by the ice goes up greatly. When the ice thaws the water will seep out of the concrete, leading to a contraction that will cause even more cracking and crumbling. After a few hard winters, concrete plagued by multiple freeze/thaw cycles will be cracked, crumbling, and degraded past the point of an easy repair, its structural soundness and strength are now compromised and it probably isn't going to be very nice to look at either. In order to best protect your concrete from the elements and freeze/thaw cycles, you need to choose the best concrete sealer available. And Deco Guard from Surface Koatings Inc. just so happens to be the best sealer available. Deco Guard’s unique Siloxane Modified Methyl Methacrylate Formulation Provides superior water and salt resistance compared to standard sealers used to protect exterior concrete.  Deco Guard is a non-yellowing, low sheen, Siloxane Modified Methyl Methacrylate with a low viscosity for better penetration on concrete substrates. Deco Guard’s unique Siloxane Modified Methyl Methacrylate formulation provides superior water and salt resistance compared to standard sealers used to protect exterior concrete. Improved resistance to de-icing road salts, pool decks with salt water pool systems, rain, sleet and snow are achieved due to our advanced chemical reactive formula that combines water repellent properties with the decorative look of a gloss sealer, making it an absolute best choice to protect all of your new and existing concrete.

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